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ust find everything... with Mila Finder®!
Refill Packs come with $7.50 * 24 Mila Finder®
Display pack comes with $7.50 * 48 Mila Finders® in mixed colors. The display can be purchased HERE.
Keep track of the things that matter to you most with Mila Finder®. Just attach it to your keys, pair it with the app and voila! Lost is now found.

The App: The Mila Finder® app is intuitive and will guide you through the process of setting up your Mila Finder®. Clear icons and buttons make it intuitive for those who aren't tech-savvy.

Map Locator: Got disconnected from your Mila Finder®? No problem! Just tap on the map icon within the app and pull up the last location you were still connected to retrace your steps.

Selfie Remote: The built-in camera remote feature is perfect for group photos. Just tap on the Camera icon within the app to use your Mila Finder® as a camera remote control.

Are you the type to always lose your keys, phone or wallet? With Mila Finder® Assortment you won’t ever have to worry about losing your valuables ever. Simply clip on the round tile Mila Finder® around your phone, car key, wallet or even your tv remote and you will be able to locate them via sound and track them on the app.
How Does A Bluetooth Mila Finder® Work?
The fob attaches to your keys and connects to your mobile device's bluetooth, allowing you to locate and find your keys with an app on your phone. Simply click on the button on the round wireless Mila Finder® and a sound will emanate from the tile attached to your lost item.
The Mila Finder® will track any device for up to 30 meters! Due to the radio frequency, it will find the location of your keys past walls, doors and far distances.
Bluetooth finders can get a little tricky, but with our smartphone app, you won’t have to worry about connecting the tile to your phone via Bluetooth because our app that will do it for you automatically.
This is the best key finder on the market, the battery lasts for up to six months and you can use the Mila Finder® as a selfie camera remote!
Smart alerts will notify you of the last place it located your lost keys.
This item tracker is the best key finder 2019, join the tile community and reap the benefits of our Mila Finder®. Finding features like the Mila Finder® exhibits is hard to come across, buy this assortment pack and keep your retail space equipped with everything!
You can connect up the Mila Finder® with up to 5 devices such as:

House keys
Car keys
Tv Remote

You can also buy one to keep always in your home, in case you lose both your phone and wallet. A flashing light will light up when you click on the Mila Home Finder® and a sound will emerge from your lost items.
If your items are not lost in the home you can track your lost articles on the phone app on the map section. The app is easy to follow even for those who don’t consider themselves tech-savvy.
Never lose your keys again with Mila Finder® accessories! Buy one for you and your friend!
Buy Wholesale Mila Finders® and Keep Your Valuables Secure!
Mila Wholesale has a wide variety of products for your retail store, quick stop shop in gas stations, pharmacies and more! Purchase in bulk and save more money, time and energy.
By having an assortment of products on your check out counter you will have your customers find everything they need and desire. Be ready and be equipped to be of service to a whole range of clients.
If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Mila Bots are ready to assist you with anything you need!

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