2007 - Creating LD

2007 - Creating LD

Welcome to LD Linens & Decor!

I am Lisa Davis Gilly, the owner. This is my first official - Legit - Blog Post.  I tried a few times to create my own Blog and finally took the time, money, and smarts to invest in a Branding Company to help me create my own branding of LD Linens & Decor.   I have worked with Reni & Heidi of Bliss and Tell Branding.  They Rock! LD Linens & Decor started in April of 2007.

I was a Delta Flight Attendant at the time and living the single life of an International Flight Attendant.  Paris, Dublin, Sao Paulo, Brussels, - all in a month's time.  While on layovers I would visit the local shops of that city.  I picked up art, fabric, pottery, and unique items or gifts.  One of my favorite shops was in Dublin (I can't remember the name of it, but I know exactly where it is located off of Grafton Street).  It was the most precious shop of clothing, books, and home goods.  In the basement there was a sort of tea room.  So began the dream of LD!

While at lunch one day, two of my dear friends Brooke Bramlett and Kim Katchur Wampold, suggested I open my own place.  They both realized I had a knack for pulling things together.  (I am not a Designer by degree and out of respect for all of those that are will never call myself one.  They worked hard to get those degrees).

I started out in a booth space inside the old Lions Gate off of Jefferson.  I probably had about 250 sq ft.  I continued to work at Delta and had the booth location on the side. In April 2009, I opened the doors of ld linens & decor - 4265 Perkins Road.  It was 1600 square feet.  Last October, we moved into 4347 Perkins Road with 3500 square feet.  We are so blessed to have survived those rough economy years.   I am going to post some pictures of LD through the years when I can dig around without little fingers helping me.

Cheers, Lisa

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