Mudbug Be Gone Soap
Mudbug Be Gone Soap

Mudbug Be Gone Soap

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Imagine CLEAN, COOL, REFRESHED hands after eating or preparing smelly, spicy and greasy foods.  

If you've ever eaten crawfish or any other spicy food with your hands, then you know all too well the difficulty in washing the spice, oils, and smells away when you're finished.

God forbid you try to put a contact in ... even hours later.

After countless hours of testing with some of the smelliest and spiciest ingredients, we have your answer.  MUDBUG-BE-GONE HAND SOAP.

The perfect mix of high quality soap, pumice and essential oils clean, exfoliate and soothe your skin as you wash.

Fishy, spicy, garlicy (I know garlicy isn't a word), oniony smells are washed away. No more strange "What's that smell" looks the next day or waking yourself up when your smelly hands get too close to your face as you dream.'s easy to use SHAKE, PUMP, LATHER

So, after you PINCH, PULL and SUCK, clean up those spicy, dirty hands with Mudbug-Be-Gone Hand Soap.

Peppermint scent

Put in your contacts after a crawfish boil without worry.

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