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Gold Wishbone

$ 13.95
Bless your home with hope and good fortune by placing this gold wishbone within it's walls.

The wishbone is found in the two clavicles of the bird, a small bone with alot of importance as it helps the bird to stay balance and withstand its position while flying.

The original superstition of wishbones is that they bring hope and grant your wish!  As early as 322 B.C,  wishbones were thought to have been collected and considered lucky. Nowadays in modern times, once removed, the wishbone is dried and then held between the little fingers of two opposing "wishers". Once the wish has been made the bone is pulled by each person. The wisher who breaks off a larger section of bone is thought to have their wish granted.
Makes for a great gift to a friend or loved one who might need a little uplifting and good luck!

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